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Chapter 14

They get down to the muck way early, before other people, to get themselves a nice place to live. Everything there seems bigger to Janie, the crops, the weeds even. Tea Cake begins planting beans and Janie keeps house in the little shack they live in. But there's still not much to do; so for fun, they buy some guns for sport, and Tea Cake teaches Janie how to shoot. Unexpectedly, Janie comes to be a better shot than Tea Cake.

Finally, hordes of workers pour in, and there is a real community now. There is always something going on, and everyone is making good money. Tea Cake's house becomes a central gathering place. Janie isn't working though, just cooking and taking care of the house. Tea Cake takes to dropping by during the day, saying he misses her. Janie decides she's going to go down on the muck and work alongside Tea Cake. This surprises the folk down on the muck; they had thought she was too good for work. Tea Cake worries too: he asks her if she thinks he's trying to get out of supporting her. Janie reassures him: it's much more interesting than keeping house.

At night, when everyone gathers in their house, she thinks of Eatonville, and how restricted she was in that community, in the conversations on the porch when Joe was alive. Now she can look, listen and participate if she wanted to.

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