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Chapter 12

At the picnic, the town begins to notice Janie and Tea Cake and there are all sorts of gossip. She is all dressed up in clothes he had bought for her; and he is too young for her anyway. It seemed they spent all their time together. Sam tells Pheoby she has to find out what's going on, because people are worried Tea Cake is taking advantage of Janie for her money. Pheoby defends the actions of her friend, but does go to question Janie all the same.

Pheoby says Tea Cake doesn't seem good enough for her, that in the past Janie has always "class[ed] off." Janie reminds her it was Joe that did that. She says Tea Cake hasn't asked her for any money yet, and says there's no reason for her to mourn any more. She also says they've decided to get married. Pheoby reminds her there are other men interested in marrying her; Janie says she'd rather have Tea Cake. She says instead of staying in town - where people would only compare him to Joe - they're going to start fresh somewhere else. This time, it's about love, and she's tired of thinking what she should do, like her grandmother always wanted her to. Pheoby reminds her of what happened to Mrs. Tyler when she ran off with a younger man. Janie says she's thought of all that, but her mind is made up.

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