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Scenes 5.3 and 5.4

Scene 5.3 - Macbeth's castle in Dunsinane
Macbeth scoffs at the approaching army because of the witches' prophecies that no man of woman born will defeat him and that he will remain in power until Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane. He believes that this battle will decide everything once and for all. If he loses, he will die, and he has no qualms about that. If he wins, he will reign forever without friends, but he doesn't care. He puts on his armor even though he doesn't need to yet. He commands the doctor to cure his wife, to make her forget bad memories with a potion. The doctor says he can't do that. Macbeth mocks the uselessness of doctors and medicine. He taunts the doctor to cure Scotland from what ails it because he knows the doctor can do nothing about that either.

Scene 5.4 - The country near Birnam Wood
All who oppose Macbeth have gathered at Birnam Wood. Malcolm instructs them all to cut down a leafy branch so as to disguise their massive numbers upon their attack. Siward reports that they will have to lay siege to the castle and force their way in because Macbeth will not come out.

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