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Scene 3.4

Scene 3.4 - The palace
Macbeth and his wife host a large banquet, and everyone seems happy to be there. The first murderer enters to speak privately with Macbeth. He tells him that Banquo is dead and buried but that his son has escaped. Macbeth is upset that Fleance is still alive but relieved that Banquo is no longer a threat. They will hunt down Fleance later. Lady Macbeth reminds Macbeth that he is neglecting his duty as the host to the banquet. To no one's notice, the ghost of Banquo sneaks in and sits in Macbeth's chair. The other thanes request that Macbeth sit down, but he remarks that every seat is taken. He then looks at his reserved chair and comes to the shocking realization that the bloody ghost of Banquo is sitting there. Since no one else can see the ghost, they don't understand whom Macbeth is shouting at. Lady Macbeth makes excuses for him, and takes him aside to make him come to his senses.
The ghost disappears for a moment, and Macbeth tries to explain to his wife that many murders have been performed in history, but the dead have never come back to haunt their murderers. Macbeth then speaks aloud to his thanes, apologizing for his panic attack, which he claims happens to him all the time and that it's nothing to worry about. Just as everyone is getting settled back into the banquet, the ghost reappears, and Macbeth shouts at it again, but this time with more reckless abandon. He drives it off, but now everyone is really concerned and asks him what is wrong. Lady Macbeth stops their questioning lest Macbeth should reveal something incriminating, and she bids them all a good night. When Macbeth is alone with his wife, he tells her that he will seek out the witches for advice because he has killed so many that there is no coming back. Lady Macbeth pleads that it is nearly morning, and all he needs is a good night's rest.

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