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Scenes 3.5 and 3.6

Scene 3.5 - An open place
The three witches meet Hecate, goddess of witches, and she looks angry. Hecate chastises them for using their powers irresponsibly. She claims that Macbeth will use them for his ends only. She informs them that Macbeth will seek out the witches for advice in the morning, and their goal will be to inspire overconfidence in Macbeth because that will certainly bring about his downfall. Then a series of songs follows between Hecate and her spirits as they try to make her fly away with them.

Scene 3.6 - Somewhere in Scotland
Lennox discusses with another Lord the current state of affairs. Lennox mocks the way Macbeth carried on after the several murders in order to hide his guilt. Thinking back, Lennox can see that Macbeth was guilty of everything from the start. Macbeth overacted when Duncan was found murdered, complained of Banquo's absence from his feast too smugly, and executed the two drunken guards much too quickly. Lennox asks where Macduff is. The lord says that Malcolm, Duncan's elder son, prospers in the safety of the English court. It is there that Macduff has gone to persuade Malcolm to return to Scotland with the aid of the powerful English armies in order to save Scotland from Macbeth's tyranny. Macduff refuses to acknowledge any messenger from Macbeth to call off this war. This news has angered Macbeth and he prepares his armies.

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