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Scene 4.2

Scene 4.2 - Macduff's castle in Fife
Lady Macduff asks Ross why Macduff has abandoned his family. Ross says he's not sure, but he trusts that there is a very good reason - drastic times call for drastic measures. He tells her that he has to leave but will be back shortly, which leaves her alone with her young son. Embittered by Macduff's hasty leave-taking, she tells her son that his father is dead. The son doesn't seem perturbed much, because he can detect the irony in her voice - he knows that his father in safe somewhere.
All of a sudden, a strange messenger arrives to warn them that danger approaches her castle. He dares not stay and hopes that she will hide with her children in a safe place. Lady Macduff scoffs at the idea that someone would come to attack her when she hasn't hurt anyone. The murderers enter and proceed to slaughter the wife and child.

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