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Scenes 5.1 and 5.2

Scene 5.1 - In the Forest of Arden.

Touchstone has discovered that there is another young man, a forester named William, who lays claim to Audrey's love. Audrey assures Touchstone that he has no claim to her. When the slow-thinking William approaches the pair to talk to them, Touchstone first seems to speak politely to William, then confuses and taunts him with his swift wit and fast talk, and finally threatens him: first in complicated language, then "translating" into simple words, he tells William that Audrey is engaged to marry Touchstone, and that if William does not leave her alone, Touchstone will kill him. The intimidated (and apparently harmless) William slinks away, and Corin enters to tell Touchstone that "Ganymede" and "Aliena" are looking for him. Along with Audrey, they go off to meet them.

Scene 5.2 - In the Forest of Arden.

Oliver and Orlando are friends again, and Oliver has extraordinary news for Orlando: he and "Aliena" (Celia) are in love, and want to be married tomorrow! He promises Orlando that he will give him all of their dead father's estate, and live a humble life with "Aliena" in the forest. Orlando agrees to this.
Rosalind/"Ganymede" enters, and Oliver departs to tell "Aliena" the good news. Orlando and "Ganymede" discuss the swiftness with which Oliver and "Aliena" have fallen in love, but the conversation clearly has a double meaning: Orlando admits how unhappy it makes him to see his brother happy when he himself cannot marry the woman he loves. When "Ganymede's" lighthearted suggestion that "he" stand in for Rosalind at the wedding is turned down flat, "Ganymede" grows serious: He tells Orlando that he knows something about magic, and that difficult as it may be to believe, he can bring Rosalind to Orlando tomorrow at the wedding, and Orlando will be able to marry her if he likes.
Phoebe suddenly bursts in, with Silvius in tow. She scolds "Ganymede" for having shown anyone else the letter she wrote him, but he scorns her back and tells her to love Silvius. The conversation degenerates into a long sequence in which each person pleads their love for someone else: Phoebe loves "Ganymede," Silvius loves Phoebe, Orlando loves Rosalind, and "Ganymede" - as he says - loves "no woman." Finally, "Ganymede" commands everyone to go home now, but to gather at the same spot the next day. Then, he promises Phoebe, he will marry her, if he ever marries a woman; he will satisfy Orlando, and make Silvius happy; and they all, including "Ganymede" himself, will be married tomorrow. Puzzled but pleased, promising to appear the next day, everyone departs.

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