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Scene 3.4

Scene 3.4 - In the Forest of Arden.

Near their house, Rosalind and Celia are walking together. Rosalind is crying, and Celia begs her not to - after all, tears are not appropriate for a young "man" like "Ganymede." But Rosalind is unhappy because Orlando has apparently broken his promise to come by and pay court to "Ganymede": he has missed the time of his appointment. The two girls alternately praise Orlando's handsomeness and mock his untrustworthiness; but the unhappy Rosalind is afraid that Orlando's failure to show up for "Ganymede's" cure means that he is no longer in love with Rosalind after all.
Rosalind mentions that she ran into Duke Senior in the forest yesterday. When he asked her (as "Ganymede") who her father was, she answered that he was someone as good as the Duke himself, and the Duke laughed and let the matter drop. (Of course, the Duke doesn't know that Rosalind really is his daughter, in disguise as a man. Rosalind and Celia have not offered any good reasons for not yet revealing their real identities to Duke Senior, except that they seems to be having fun with their disguises.)
Corin approaches the two women - addressing them as "master and mistress," of course, since to him they are "Ganymede" and "Aliena" - and invites them to come with him and see a sight. He reminds them that they have often asked about the love-lorn shepherd they saw when they first came to the forest. (This is Silvius, who was seen in Scene 2.4). It seems that Silvius is trying to court his beloved right now, but she is rejecting him with great scorn and pride. "Ganymede" and "Aliena" decide that they have to see this, and agree to go with Corin.

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