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Linda is saddened that no one has come to Willy's funeral, none of the people from New England that Willy had hoped would come. Charley tries to tell her that nobody blames Willy and that it was a nice funeral. Biff says that Willy just had all the wrong dreams, but Charley says that a salesman has to dream to survive. Biff asks Happy to come with him, but Happy is stuck with Willy's old dream to have the Loman family be successful in sales. Biff says that he knows who he is and that he cannot live any longer in Willy's dreams. Linda walks over to the gravesite and tells Willy that she has just made the last payment on the house, but now there is no one there to live in it. She breaks down and Biff helps her up. The whole family, including Bernard and Charley, walk offstage.

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