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Act Two - Part 3

Happy is at the restaurant where he will be meeting Biff and Willy. He makes small talk with Stanley, the waiter, until he sees an attractive girl come in. He starts to flirt with her, telling her some white lies and buys her a drink, which she accepts. Biff enters just then and does not seem very happy. When Happy offers him the girl, telling her that Biff is the quarterback of the New York Giants, Biff appears to have lost his confidence, saying that he has just come from Bill Oliver's. Happy tells the girl to try to find one of her friends for Biff, and then sits down with Biff.

Biff is agitated, saying that he did a terrible thing and that he had no luck with Bill Oliver. Biff relays that Bill Oliver kept him waiting for six hours and did not even remember him when he finally met with him for just a minute. Biff calls himself foolish to have believed that he was even a salesman for Oliver - he had only been a shipping clerk. To top things off, Biff even steals a fountain pen from Oliver's office, though he does not know exactly why he does so. He asks Happy to help him tell Willy the truth - that he is just not the type of man a person just lends money to - but Happy refuses to do so, and instead encourages Biff to continue deceiving Willy to make him happy.

Just then Willy enters, and he is eager to find out how Biff's visit with Bill Oliver went. Biff bravely tries to tell Willy the truth, but Willy does not want to hear what Biff is trying to say. Instead, Willy tries to tell Biff that he is wrong, and when Biff interrupts, Willy snaps back and says that he does not want to hear any "crap" about the past since he was just fired that day and all he is looking for now is some good news.

Biff is shocked to hear the news and wants to know more about what happened to Willy, but all Willy cares about is Biff's story. Biff keeps trying to tell Willy the truth, but Willy refuses to listen, and Happy also interrupts to feed Willy's version of the story. According to Willy, Bill Oliver must have given Biff a warm welcome and he must have endorsed the Loman Line idea. Biff gets incredibly frustrated, saying that he cannot talk to Willy.

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