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Act Two - Part 4

Just then, the image of young Bernard talking to Linda appears to Willy - Bernard is relaying to Linda that Biff has just flunked math and gone to Boston to find Willy. Back in the present time, Biff does not know why Willy is muttering about flunking math. When Willy comes out of his reverie, he finally hears that Biff has stolen the pen from Bill Oliver which upsets him even more. Biff promises to find something and begs his father to talk to him. He even tries to switch tactics and allude to having cut a deal with Bill Oliver, which momentarily calms Willy down. However, when the subject of the pen comes up again, Biff erupts, saying that Bill Oliver will not believe that he did not steal the pen, especially since he stole the carton of basketballs long ago.

Willy starts to hear an operator's voice paging him, in his reverie. When Biff finally bursts out that he does not have an appointment with Bill Oliver and that he will not be going back tomorrow, Willy accuses Biff of spiting him. To this, Biff says that he is no good and cannot understand why Willy cannot see this.

At that moment, the girls whom Happy had been flirting with before return, Miss Forsythe and Letta. Willy is still caught up in his reverie with his mistress, and confusedly makes his way to the washroom. Biff tears up at the state of his aging father and accuses Happy of neglecting Willy, and then Biff rushes out of the restaurant, almost in tears. Happy and the girls follow him, with Happy saying to the ladies that Willy is not his father, only "a guy."

Willy is now caught up in a memory with the other woman in a hotel room, and there is loud knocking at the door, but Willy is not expecting anyone. Willy seems panic-stricken at the knocking and tells the woman to stay in the bathroom. Then he goes to open the door, to find young Biff with a suitcase.

Young Biff comes into hotel room, looking sad, and he tells Willy that he has let him down. Biff has flunked math and does not have enough credits to graduate, so Willy says that he will go speak with Mr. Birnbaum, the math teacher, and Biff gets very excited. He tries to rationalize his grade by saying that the class came right after football practice and that once, he was caught making fun of Mr. Birnbaum. Biff is very hopeful that Willy will be able to get his grade changed.

Biff then hears the woman laughing and starts to ask who that is. She emerges from the bathroom, telling Willy that there is something moving in there, and Willy immediately tries to cover up her presence. He tells Biff that she is a buyer who just had to stay with him temporarily since her room was being painted, but the woman does not leave easily. She demands the stockings that Willy promised her, even though Willy tells her that he has no stockings. When she leaves, Willy still tries to pretend that he is not having an affair, but then he finally admits that he is just lonely. Biff accuses Willy of giving the woman stockings intended for Linda and calls Willy a fake and a liar. Willy shouts after Biff to come back.

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