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Scenes 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3

Scene 4.1 - Near Olivia's house

Sebastian enters with Feste. Feste insists that Sebastian is "Master Cesario," and that his lady wants to see him. Sebastian tells Feste he will pay him to leave and will beat him if he doesn't. Sir Andrew, Sir Toby, and Fabian enter. Sir Andrew strikes Sebastian, and Sebastian hits him with his dagger. Sir Toby holds Sebastian back, and Feste runs away. Sir Toby tries to get both fighters to calm down, but Sebastian breaks loose of Sir Toby and says that Sir Toby will have to fight if he wants to stop him. Sir Toby and Sebastian draw their swords. Suddenly Olivia enters, demanding that Sir Toby put his sword away. She begs "Cesario" not to be offended, and orders Sir Toby and his friends to leave. Olivia apologizes for Sir Toby, and asks Sebastian (who she thinks is Cesario) to come home with her. Sebastian imagines that this must be a dream and, if it is, he doesn't want to wake up. Sebastian and Olivia leave together.

Scene 4.2 - Olivia's house

Maria enters and gives a gown and false beard to Feste; she tells him to put on the disguise, and to pretend to be "Sir Topaz," a priest. She leaves to get Sir Toby. Feste puts on the disguise, doubting that it will work. Sir Toby and Maria enter: both greet him respectfully as a priest. Sir Toby, who's in on the plan, is impressed with the disguise. They go to Malvolio's door, so he can hear but not see them. Malvolio asks who it is, and is told that "Sir Topaz" is here to see him. Malvolio complains to "Sir Topaz" of what's happened: he's been locked up in darkness like a madman. "Sir Topaz" insists that the room is bright - it's Malvolio's madness that makes it seem dark. Malvolio wants to be let out, but "Sir Topaz" insists that he won't be until he believes, like Pythagoras, in reincarnation. Maria notes that the disguise is useless, since Malvolio can't see him. Sir Toby instructs Feste to speak now in his own voice, and to meet him afterward - he leaves with Maria. As Malvolio cries, "fool!" Feste sings a song about how a woman loves another man better than him. Malvolio requests ink, a pen, paper, and a candle. He protests that he is really not mad, at which point Feste speaks as "Sir Topaz," praying that Malvolio's wits will be restored, and instructing Feste not to speak with him. Feste agrees, and blesses "Sir Topaz." Malvolio asks again for pen and paper, and Feste says he'll get it for him. Malvolio thanks him, and Feste, before leaving, sings a song about how he is leaving like the devil.

Scene 4.3 - Near Olivia's house

Sebastian enters alone. He looks at the pearl Olivia gave him, and thanks his good fortune. Remembering that he couldn't find Antonio at the inn, he wonders where he's gone. Antonio still doesn't know if this is a dream, or if he's mad, or if Olivia's mad. Olivia enters with a priest. Asking Antonio to forgive her haste, she asks if he will marry her now, since that is the only thing that will make her happy. They will marry secretly, putting off the official wedding, Olivia says, until Sebastian is ready. Sebastian agrees, and the couple leaves together with the priest.

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