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Scenes 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3

Scene 3.1 - Olivia's garden

Cesario enters with Feste. Feste jokes about church, and Cesario cautions him about the dangers of wit. Feste responds that words have grown so false that one can only fool with them. He is not Olivia's fool, but her "corrupter" of words. Given money by Cesario, Feste goes to get Olivia. Alone, Viola remarks that Feste is wiser than he lets on - that he labors very carefully to sound so foolish. Sirs Toby and Andrew enter. Jesting in French, they invite Cesario to come in and see Olivia - but then Olivia herself enters with Maria. The men mock Cesario for "his" extravagant praises of Olivia, and she sends everyone away. Olivia tells Cesario that she does not think of Orsino, Cesario's master, at all, and wants to hear nothing more of his love, though hearing of Cesario's love would be sweeter than music. Olivia admits that the ring was a trick to bring "him" back. As the clock strikes, Olivia asks Cesario to depart, acknowledging that she cannot have "him," and saying "he" will make a fine husband for some woman. As "he" begins to go, she asks Cesario to stay, and tell her what "he" thinks of her. "He" responds that she's deceiving herself, and "he" is deceiving her. To the audience, Olivia confides that even "his" anger is handsome. Finally, to Cesario, she admits that she cannot hide her love for "him." Cesario responds that "he" has never loved a woman, and never will. With Olivia hoping Cesario's heart may change, they leave each other.

Scene 3.2 - Olivia's house

Sirs Toby and Andrew enter, conversing with Fabian. Sir Andrew has heard what Olivia said to Cesario, and claims that Olivia saw him overhearing her conversation. Fabian suggests that she was just trying to make Sir Andrew jealous - she wanted him, Fabian claims, to attack Cesario on the spot and prove his love for Olivia. Sir Toby tells him to challenge Cesario to a duel, and to go and write a challenge, showing his anger in the ink. Sir Andrew leaves to write the challenge. At Fabian's prodding, Sir Toby admits the duel is a ruse: Sir Andrew is too much of a coward to fight. Maria enters, relating that Malvolio has started acting like a nobleman - wearing yellow stockings as she told him to in her letter, and smiling like an idiot. They leave together to go to find him.

Scene 3.3 - A street scene

Meanwhile, Antonio has found Sebastian, who relents and permits Antonio to accompany him. Antonio explains that he was too worried about Sebastian to let him go off alone. Antonio suggests they go together and see the sights of the city. Declining, Antonio explains why: he was once in a sea-fight against Orsino's ships, and has too many enemies here to walk freely in Illyria. His men stole all the goods from Orsino's ships, and Orsino and his sailors undoubtedly want revenge. Antonio gives Sebastian spending-money for his travels through the town. So Sebastian goes out, while Antonio returns to their inn, and Sebastian promises to return later that night.

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