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Chapters 53, 54, and 55

Phase The Seventh: Fulfillment

Chapter 53

At Emminster Vicarage, Angel finally makes his way home to his relieved parents, though he has grown pale and thin from his experiences. He finds the last letter from Tess, where she expresses her rage at him, and he fears that he has lost her forever. Angel writes to Marlott to announce his return, but he gets a response from Joan saying that Tess is not there but that she will inform him of her return. Angel is relieved to at least learn that Tess is all right, but there is no second letter from Joan. Angel re-reads Tess' first letter to him, and he is determined to go find Tess personally. As he is packing, he comes across the letter from Marian and Izz describing Tess' faithfulness.

Chapter 54

Angel sets out in her search, and he goes to all her known locations but he cannot find her. At Marlott, he tries to see if anyone knows where the family headed after they moved out, and the sexton informs him that they made their way to Kingsbere. Angel also finds out that the family is in debt, and he settles the amount for Jack Durbeyfield's headstone. He finally finds the Durbeyfields, who have now settled in a small tenement, and Joan tells him that Tess is now in Sandbourne, though doing what she does not know.

Chapter 55

With some help from a postman, Angel locates the address of the d'Urbervilles, pleased that Tess has changed the spelling of her name. There, he informs the housekeeper to tell Tess that "a relation" has come to see her. When Tess finally appears, he is stunned by her powerful and beautiful appearance. He begs for her forgiveness, but she does not come to him, saying that it is too late and that Alec d'Urberville has won her back! He had convinced her that Angel would not return to her, and she is devastated that she is now bound to Alec whom she hates for his deception. In his daze, Angel leaves and wanders away.

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