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Chapters 33 and 34

Chapter 33

Before their wedding date, Angel wishes to spend a day alone with Tess, and so they head out on Christmas Eve to town. Angel, with this beauty on his arm, is stared at by many. At the inn, a man from Trantridge appears to recognize Tess and insults her. Angel hears the slander and hits the insulter in his anger, and the man passes by apologizing for his mistake. Angel feels bad and pays the man a small sum for forgiveness, but as the man walks away, he is sure that he has made no mistake and that Tess is indeed the woman with the sullied past. Disturbed by the event, Tess tries to postpone the wedding but cannot. She decides instead to pour out her secrets in a letter, which she slips under Angel's door.
On their wedding day, Angel treats her as he always does, and Tess is curious to know if he has read the note and forgiven her. No one from either member's family is in attendance (since no one had been invited from Marlott, and no one from Emminster chose to come). Tess however pursues the mystery and is sick to learn that Angel has not seen the note at all, since it had been pushed underneath the carpet. Tess is flustered and wishes to confess something to him, but he puts it off, saying that he will confess too after the wedding. Tess does not know what to do, but the wedding procedure continues and she is caught up in a daze. The marriage goes off without a hitch, and the pair prepares to leave the dairy together.
Tess sees her sad friends and asks Angel to kiss them all goodbye. As they leave, a crow calls out, which is an unusual occurrence for that time of day. Everyone feels inwardly that it is likely a bad omen, but outwardly, they dismiss it, with Mrs. Crick calling it only a change of weather. The two ride off in their carriage, and leave Talbothays behind.

Chapter 34

They reach their lodgings, and Angel jokingly welcomes her to her old ancestral mansions. Tess sees two paintings of old d'Urberville dames and is horrified at their appearance. The two have their first meal together, and Angel silently realizes that she is his wife, at the whim of his own good or bad fortune. They wait for the arrival of their luggage, but a different package arrives, from Angel's parents for Tess. They are old jewels of the family, and Tess puts them on, amazed that they are really hers. Angel is stunned by her beauty.
Finally, their luggage arrives, along with awful news from Talbothays. After their departure, Retty tries to drown herself and all the household is turned upside down by the incident. Moreover, Marian has taken to drinking heavily, and Izzy is also quite sad. Tess is extremely disheartened to hear of this turn of fate for her friends.
Angel tries to change the subject by recalling how he had wanted to confess something to Tess before the wedding. He tells her about the period in his life when he is most confused and about some of the actions he did while in this lost state, including an encounter with another woman, and begs her forgiveness. Tess is happy to forgive him, since she too wishes his forgiveness. He is eager to hear her confession, and so she begins her story.

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