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Scene 5

Later that day, Blanche writes a letter to her old boyfriend, Shep Huntleigh, and she, Stella, and Stanley listen as Steve and Eunice fight upstairs. Blanche is shocked, but Stella and Stanley accept it as an everyday thing and continue to carry on an ordinary conversation. Blanche asks Stanley about his astrological sign, and Blanche predicts that he is an Aries because Aries people are forceful and dynamic. It turns out that Stanley is a Capricorn and that Blanche is a Virgo.
When he finds out that Blanche was born under the sign of the Virgin, he snickers and slyly asks her if she knows someone named Shaw. She nervously laughs and tells him that everyone knows someone named Shaw, and he informs her that he had met a man named Shaw who had told him that he had known a Blanche Dubois in Laurel who had stayed at a seedy hotel named the Flamingo. Blanche insists that he must have had her confused with someone else because she would never allow herself to be seen in such a sketchy place as the Flamingo.
Stanley leaves to go bowling, and Blanche suddenly leaps up and asks Stella if she has heard any terrible rumors about her. Stella says that she hasn't heard any gossip about her, and Blanche admits that she hadn't behaved very well during the last two years because she had been so upset by the possible loss of Belle Reve. Stella, who likes to wait on Blanche because she feels as if they are children again, offers her a coke to calm her down, and Blanche asks her to add a shot to it. Blanche thanks her for waiting on her and suddenly begins to insist that she will leave her and Stanley soon because she has imposed on them for too long. It is obvious that she is overly nervous and jittery, and nothing that Stella says or does can quiet Blanche down.
Blanche tells her that Mitch will be coming soon to pick her up, but she confesses that she hasn't told Mitch her real age yet and that she hasn't let him do anything more than kiss her because she wants his respect. Stella asks her why she is so sensitive about her age, and Blanche admits that that she has recently taken some blows to her self-esteem and feels sensitive about her age. Blanche believes that she should be allowed to toy with Mitch's mind because she wants to deceive him into wanting her and needing her. Stella tells her not to worry about Mitch but also gently warns her not to drink anymore, and she leaves to go bowling with Stanley, Steve, and Eunice.
Blanche, who is left at home by herself to rest, answers the door for a teenage boy who is collecting money for the newspaper. She flirts with him shamelessly, and he seems uncomfortable with her coy teasing because she is obviously older than he is. In spite of his discomfort, she asks him to have a drink with her. She tells him that he makes her mouth water and that he looks like a prince out of the Arabian Nights. The young man is obviously nervous, but Blanche continues to toy with him because she clearly enjoys the satisfaction of mesmerizing and fascinating this young man. She stoops down and kisses him quickly, telling him to run along because she has got "to be good" and must keep her hands off children. At the moment that he disappears around the corner, Mitch walks up to the house with a bunch of roses for her, and Blanche happily welcomes him, turning on her flirty charm for him, just as she had done for the young paper boy.

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