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Scene 2

The next scene takes place during the following evening. While Blanche is bathing, Stanley enters the apartment, and Stella announces to him that she and Blanche are going to leave the house during the men's poker night. She tells him that Blanche had lost Belle Reve, and instead of being concerned about Blanche's delicate psychological state, Stanley is more interested in where the money has gone. Stanley becomes indignant because according to Louisiana's Napoleonic Code, he and Stella deserve a portion of whatever Blanche had gotten for the sale of Belle Reve, and he believes that Blanche has hidden their share of profits from them.
Growing irate, he goes to the open wardrobe trunk in Blanche's room and begins to pull dresses, faux-fur pieces, and jewelry out of it, becoming more and more convinced that Blanche has swindled them by pocketing the proceeds from the sale of Belle Reve for herself. Stella begs him to calm down and asks him to stop being immature, but he remains stubborn and refuses to leave her room. Stella leaves the room out of frustration, and Blanche comes out of the bath and tries not to seem surprised when she finds that her clothes and belongings have been strewn all over the room. Stanley slyly explains the mess by telling her that they were trying to help her unpack. Blanche tries to flirt with him to charm him, telling him that no woman on earth could ever work her feminine wiles on him and that the only woman for him would have to be forthcoming and bold.
Stanley suddenly begins yelling at her, and Stella calls from the outside room to ask him to stop, but Blanche asks her to run and get her a Coke so that she and Stanley can talk. He demands that she shows him the papers from the sale of the house, and she tells him that everything that she owns is in her trunk. He again begins to throw things out of her trunk in search of the papers from Belle Reve, and she begins to freak out when she sees that he has picked up a pile of yellowed papers from the trunk. She reveals that they are love letters from her dead husband and tells him that he has ruined them just by touching them with his rough hands. Appearing to lapse into a mental frenzy, she tells Stanley that even though she had been hurt once before, she is now older and stronger and is wise enough to know how to protect herself.
She finally collects herself and shows some other papers to Stanley, who realizes that Belle Reve was lost on a mortgage because Blanche hadn't been able to make the mortgage payments to the bank. Stanley lets it slip that Stella is pregnant, which Blanche did not know, and Blanche falls into a dreamy reverie. Stella comes back from getting her a coke, and Blanche congratulates her and tells her that she had only been joking around with Stanley - neither of them had meant anything that they had said.

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