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Scenes 5.1 and 5.2

Scene 5.1 - Salisbury

Now captured, Buckingham is led away to execution. He senses that the souls of all those he helped to murder in order to bring Richard to the throne "for revenge mock my destruction." He realizes that the day is All Soul's Day, bringing to a conclusion his oath that if he should ever betray King Edward's children or his wife's family he hopes to be betrayed by his closest friend. Margaret's prophecy that Richard would turn against him has also come true. Buckingham ruefully accepts the justice of his fate, for "wrong hath but wrong, and blame the due of blame."

Scene 5.2 - Near Tamworth in Staffordshire

Richmond addresses his nobles and troops, letting them know that he has received an encouraging letter from Stanley. Richard's army is only one day's march away, near Leicester, and he proposes that they meet them. He and his advisors count on Richard's misdeeds to defeat him, as soldiers will abandon Richard's army on the grounds of conscience. Richard's closest supporters, including Stanley, only remain with him because they fear the consequences of deserting him.

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