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Scenes 3.1 and 3.2

Scene 3.1 - Outside Othello's and Desdemona's room

Outside Othello and Desdemona's rooms, Cassio enters with musicians. They play, and Othello's clown comes out, joking about the similarity between wind instruments and flatulence. He pays the musicians and asks them to leave, which they do. Cassio, in turn, gives the clown money to bring Emilia, who is with Desdemona, to see him. The clown leaves, and Iago enters. Iago learns what Cassio is doing and leaves, promising to draw Othello away so that Cassio can talk with Desdemona uninterrupted. Emilia comes out and reports that Othello and Desdemona have been talking about him, and both like Cassio and want to restore his job. Emilia brings Cassio in to talk with Desdemona, alone.

Scene 3.2 - The citadel

On the citadel of Cyprus, Iago and Othello are talking. Othello asks Iago to bring letters to the captain of a ship bound for Venice, informing the senators of their victory. Othello, meanwhile, will inspect the island's fortifications.

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