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Scene 5.1

Iago enters with Roderigo. Iago instructs Roderigo to hide and wait for Cassio. Iago promises to be there to help. Aside, Roderigo confesses that he doesn't really want to do this. Aside, Iago says he doesn't care who kills whom - Roderigo has been demanding his money back, and Cassio could uncover Iago's falsehoods to Othello. It would be better, he says, if both were dead. Cassio enters, and Roderigo attacks him. Cassio, however, is wearing armor, and stabs Roderigo. Iago cuts Cassio in the leg, and quickly leaves. Cassio falls. Othello enters, glad that Iago has done his duty. He leaves at once, vowing to stain Desdemona's bed with blood. Lodovico and another Venetian, Graziano, enter worried that the cries they are hearing from Roderigo and Cassio might be a trap. Iago, however, enters and goes to help. Iago asks Cassio who has attacked him, and Cassio points to Roderigo. Iago turns and stabs Roderigo, who dies crying "O damned Iago!" Iago asks Lodovico and Graziano to help him save Cassio. Bianca enters, and cries for Cassio. Iago sends for a stretcher for Cassio and suggests that Bianca, "this trash," may have had something to do with the attack. He lifts Roderigo's body and, feigning surprise, identifies him as his friend from Venice, Roderigo. Attendants enter to carry Cassio to the surgeon and take away Roderigo's dead body. Iago remarks on Bianca's worried look. Emilia enters. Iago asks where Cassio had dinner that night, and Bianca admits it was at her house. Iago and his wife condemn Bianca for her whoring and this murder, which, they charge, is its result. Iago sends Emilia to tell Othello and Desdemona what has happened. Leaving, Iago says to himself that this will be the night when he will be victorious or be ruined.

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