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Historical Context

Thomas Hardy was born in 1840 near Dorchester, England and published The Mayor of Casterbridge in 1886. The political nature of the title and subject matter reflect a time in English history when the common people had little opportunity to express themselves in a political realm. The Third Reform Bill, which was passed just previous to the book's publishing, opened the political world to more participants by redistributing seats and reorganizing districts. It also outlawed several tactics used to disenfranchise farm laborers. A similar act in 1872, the Secret Ballot Act, increased political participation by allowing voters to cast ballots in private.
The manner in which the public expressed themselves before these acts is demonstrated grandly by Hardy's characterization of the pubs and taverns in and around Casterbridge. Mixen-Lane, for example, is a comprehensive compilation of country folk at their extreme, separated by makeshift bridges from the rest of society. Although it may symbolize the contrast between modern city people and backwards countrymen, Hardy probably uses it to depict how the methods of expression in Mixen-Lane have destructive results (drinking, skimmity-ride). In fact, the actions in Mixen-Lane are not only forbidden in other public spheres, but they are undeniably negative. Hardy's political commentary was therefore that public expression should be encouraged in more fruitful and defined methods.
The novel also sheds light on the mechanization of several areas in agriculture, including various public perceptions of the new technologies. This period in English history was met with great advancements in the agricultural industry.

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