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Chapter 16

There is little change in the business aspect between the two men, but their friendship has suffered, since Henchard is now only courteous to Farfare, when he used to be compassionate. There is a national holiday upcoming, and Farfrae asks Henchard if he can borrow several cloths to set up some entertainment for that day. Henchard is willing, although he is mad that as mayor, he does not think of the idea first. He quickly remedies his oversight and decides to organize his own celebration, on behalf of the town council. Henchard is delighted to hear that Farfrae is charging admission to his own fest, since the town's festivities will be free.
On the day of the event, the weather is dreary and soon it begins to rain heavily. After Henchard waits out the rain for several hours, it appears as if the celebration can continue. However, all the patrons have already made their way towards Farfrae's affair, which had been cleverly covered to fight the elements. Henchard sullenly closes his own festivities and resolves to see his competition. He sees Farfrae in the midst of the dancers, with the attention of many women admirers. Looking on, he also sees his wife and stepdaughter participating, with Elizabeth-Jane even dancing with Farfrae himself. Overcome with jealousy, inflamed by the comments of the townspeople, Henchard alludes to Farfrae's dismissal as his corn manager. Farfrae quietly assents to the firing, but the next morning, when Henchard's envy is abated, he is disturbed that his good employee might have taken his demand seriously.

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