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Chapter 6

Ethan wakes up the next morning extremely happy because he can finally envision what life with Mattie would be like, but he is also saddened by the thought of Zeena's return that afternoon. He wants to tell Mattie that this is the last time that they will be alone together, but all he can do is tell her that he will be home in time for dinner because he is too afraid that she does not feel the same way about him. While he is at breakfast with Jotham, he arranges for Jotham to pick up Zeena from the doctor's in the afternoon so that he can have time to find glue to repair the broken pickle-dish. Overnight, however, the snow had melted, which had left behind very poor road conditions, and both Ethan and Jotham are slowed down by the unpleasant weather. Finally, when Ethan is able to begin his search for glue, he first stops at the store owned by Denis Eady's father, and he burns with jealousy while Denis helps him look for glue. Because the Eadys do not have any, Ethan next goes to its rival store, which belongs to the widow Homan, and he finally purchases a bottle of glue there.
By the time that he returns home with it, however, Zeena has already returned from her trip, and there is not enough time for him to glue it back together again. He reassures Mattie, who is distraught that the dish has still not been fixed, that he will mend the dish during the night before Zeena discovers that it has been shattered. He runs into Jotham Powell, who has just dropped Zeena off, and when he asks him to stay for supper, Jotham, who usually accepts meals without further encouragement, politely refuses Ethan's offer, and Jotham's reluctance to stay at the farm portends to Ethan that Zeena has not returned a happy woman.

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