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Chapter Two - Part One

Buck realizes that his new life is like a nightmare, as the men and dogs are "savages" who know nothing beyond the law of club and fang. He sees that his new life in the arctic is nothing like his lazy days in the Santa Clara Valley. Here, he cannot rest, as he is at peril the second he lets down his guard. These dogs fight like nothing he has ever seen before. Curly is the first victim - bitten by a husky dog named Spitz, who leaps at her like a wolf. The single attack rips open her face from eye to jaw. Taken aback, she lunges at the dog, but is only bitten again. Once she is down, the other dogs leap on top, burying her screaming body under a mass of angry fur. It takes two men with clubs to beat the dogs off, and when they are finally removed, Curly's dead body lies in the red snow, ripped into pieces. Buck realizes that this is the way of these savages - nor fair play. Once you are down, you are dead. Buck promises himself never to allow himself to go down. Spitz laughs at him, and Buck solidifies his anger for the animal.
Before Buck can recover from the shock of Curly's death, he has to learn to deal with the harness Francois straps on him, the same kind of harness used on the horses at the Judge's farm. Buck realizes that he is to become a draught animal. He feels that he is being stripped of his dignity, but is too smart, and too aware of the consequences, to rebel. Forced to pull a sled with a team of dogs, he keeps in line with the constant reminder of Francois's whip and Dave's nip on his hindquarters. Spitz leads the team, and often turns around to growl at Buck, who, as a result, learns quickly. Francois marvels at Buck's ability to learn so quickly. Two more dogs arrive, and though brothers, they are very different. Billee is excessively nice, and is bitten by Spitz, while Joe is diabolical and stands up to the lead dog. Another husky named Sol-leks joins the group, and keeps to himself. His name means "Angry One." He is a lot like Dave in that he is uninterested in the other dogs, and only wants to be left alone. Battled scarred and blind in one eye, he hates to be approached on his blind side, and attacks Buck for doing so accidentally.

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