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Chapter Four - Part One

The next morning, Francois and Perrault are not surprised to find Spitz dead at Buck's hand. Seeing Sol-leks as the best lead dog left, they attempt to harness him up at the head of the group, but Buck will not allow it. He springs on Sol-leks and places himself in the lead position. Sol-leks is afraid of Buck, and when Francois turns his back, Buck's advances are not fought. Francois angers, and comes at Buck with a club. The dog remembers the man in the red sweater, and retreats. He circles the group, just outside the reach of any blows, showing his wisdom to the ways of the club. The men return to harnessing the dogs, but when they attempt to put Buck in his old place, he steps away from them. The men throw down the club, thinking that Buck is afraid of a thrashing, but Buck is not afraid of the club. He wants to lead to the group; he has earned it. The dog runs in circles as the men chase him. For an hour, they run, throw clubs at him, and curse him. He simply snarls and keeps them running after him. Realizing they are beaten, the two men put down their clubs and place Buck in the lead position. As they take to the trail, Buck proves to be an excellent leader, superior even to Spitz. He manages to whip the crew back into shape, and is better at discipline than his predecessor. Team solidarity resumes, and all the dogs resume their alert, light-hearted, excited step. When two new dogs join the team, Buck breaks them in a manner Francois has never seen before. He marvels at the value of the lead dog. Each day becomes a record day, and the trip ends up a record run. The team becomes instant celebrity, and its leaders are offers numerous praises and free drink. New orders arrive, and the team ends up under the charge of new masters. Francois throws his arms around Buck and cries as they are parted. For Buck, the two men are just a few on the long string of humans that will move in and out of his life.

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