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Chapter 23

Okonkwo has a feeling akin to happiness for the first time in many years. The village has acted like warriors. When the District Commissioner returns, however, village leaders are summoned to talk to him. They bring machetes but not guns, as that would be unseemly, and the Commissioner calls in interpreters to help them explain the situation. Ogbuefi Ekwueme begins to tell the story, but before he can armed guards rush through the door instead of interpreters, and the men are handcuffed and ill-treated at the hands of the court messengers. The chiefs are told they will be released if they pay two hundred bags of cowries, and when the court messengers spread the word to the people they announce that the fine is two hundred and fifty bags, so that they can keep the extra fifty. Rumors exaggerate the problem, claiming that the leaders will be hanged in Umuru if the fine is not paid.

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