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Part 2, Chapters 20 and 21

Part Two, Chapter Twenty

Nancy and Godfrey walk home in distress. He realizes that there are debts he has that he can't pay off and seems somewhat relieved that the whole affair is over with. They reiterate their love for each other, with or without children.

Part Two, Chapter Twenty-One

Silas tells Eppie at breakfast the following morning that he wants them to go to Lantern Yard so he can exonerate himself from the robbery that everyone still thinks he's guilty of. Eppie is excited about the trip -- both to see a new place, as well as to return and tell Aaron of her journey. They set out with Dolly.

Lantern Yard has changed quite a bit. It's now a busy manufacturing town, and Silas has to ask several people to make sure he's in the right place. He decides that Lantern Yard is gone, and has been replaced by this foreign city. Silas is rattled, for sure, but the chapter closes with a reiteration of his faith; since Eppie's come into his life, he has trust and faith, and can persevere.

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Part 2, Chapters 20 and 21
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