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Part 1, Chapters 4, 5 and 6

Part One, Chapter Four

The next morning, Dunstan's horseback ride takes him by Silas' house. He briefly considers having Godfrey ask Silas for a loan, but he's riding Wildfire -- Godfrey's prize horse -- and takes vicious pleasure in his plans to sell him against his brother's wishes, in order to get the money to pay him back. He meets up with Bryce and Keating -- acquaintances who may be interested in purchasing Godfrey's horse. Bryce agrees to buy Wildfire, and Dunstan arranges to bring the horse over to Batherly stables, but decides to go hunting first. On the hunt, however, jumping fences, Wildfire is impaled on a stake and dies. Walking home, Dunstan passes Silas' house again, and sees a light burning inside. He determines to go inside and coerce Silas into giving him some money. He knocks but no one answers, so Dunstan opens the door, and sees that Silas is not inside. Dunstan searches the house and ultimately finds Silas' hiding-spot, unearths the gold and makes off with it. He leaves under cover of darkness and rain, carrying two heavy bags of gold.

Part One, Chapter Five

When Dunstan leaves, Silas is approaching his house. He'd been at the Lammeter house earlier, and had come home with some bacon that Priscilla -- Nancy's sister -- had given him. Rather than sitting down to dinner, however, he realized that he was missing a fine piece of thread that he needed to complete the job for tomorrow. He sets out again, and that's when Dunstan came upon the house. By the time he's on his way home from this unexpected errand, Dunstan is making off with the goods. When he goes to get his gold out, to admire it, he finds it missing. Silas determines that Jem Rodney must have stolen his money -- Jem is disreputable, after all. He consoles himself with the thought that he can confront Jem and get the money back. He goes to the Rainbow to see if he can find Jem there.

Part One, Chapter Six

Chapter six is a transcript of the gossip that is going on just before Silas enters the Rainbow -- most of which is devoted to discussing the Lammeters. The Lammeters are fairly recent to Raveloe, we learn, and no one can quite figure out how they make so much money off the land that they're on, since it's previous owners hadn't been able to make much of it. There's talk about shady dealings in the Lammeter stables -- there don't appear to be horses in there, or ordinary stable activities. The villagers speculate about what could be going on there, but can't come up with anything.

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