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Chapter 2

Crabs and birds scuttle along the beach as Kino and Juana approach the old family canoe. Though it is old - it had belonged to Kino's grandfather-it is his only valuable asset. The boat guaranteed that the family would not go hungry. The swelling in Coyotito's shoulder worsens and travels to the baby's neck and face. Juana tries to soothe the pain with a clump of brown seaweed. The family shoves off so that Kino can dive for a pearl large enough to pay the doctor's fee.

To prepare for the dive, Kino ties himself to two ropes, attaching one to a basket and one to a heavy stone. He slips feet first into the water with the basket in one hand and the stone in the other. At the bottom of the sea, he quickly fills the basket with oysters as his air supply grows short. Kino works deliberately to gather the large oysters and notices a particularly large one with a ghostly glow lying away from the clusters. When Kino emerges at the surface, Juana helps him back into the boat. The two carefully open each oyster one by one, saving the largest one for last. After carefully slitting open the shell and shucking away the muscle, they find a perfect pearl the size of a sea gull's egg. The pearl has a perfect curve and Kino can see his dreams in its reflective surface. Juana gasps in astonishment and Coyotito's swelling begins to subside. Emotion overtakes Kino, and he howls with relief as other neighborhood men paddle toward Kino's canoe.

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