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Scenes 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6

Scene 2.4 - Street in Venice

In the streets of Venice, Graziano and his friends seem to be making a secret plan. Lancelot enters with a letter for Lorenzo, who tells Lancelot to tell Jessica that he will keep his promise. Lancelot leaves. The friends continue their planning - it turns out that they're simply planning to show up disguised at that evening's supper-party. Their plans completed, the friends leave - Graziano and Lorenzo remain on stage. Graziano asks about Jessica. Lorenzo tells him that the couple is planning for him to come and take Jessica away from her father's house, and also to take his gold and jewels. He gives Graziano the letter to read.

Scene 2.5 - Outside Shylock's house

Angry with Lancelot for leaving his service, Shylock enters, scolding him. Shylock calls his daughter Jessica, and instructs her that he is going to dine with Christians tonight, and gives her the keys to the house to keep guard. He instructs her to be particularly careful, since he dreamt of moneybags earlier, and fears that someone is out to rob him - further, Shylock tells her not to listen or look out the windows at the party that will be happening in the streets. Lancelot departs, whispering to Jessica that Lorenzo will come tonight.
Shylock remarks that Lancelot is kind but lazy, and tells Jessica once more to guard the house carefully. She promises, swearing that, if she fails to, she will have lost a father, and Shylock a daughter.

Scene 2.6 - Outside Shylock's house

Graziano and Salerio are in the streets, waiting for Lorenzo to show up. Graziano, remarking on his delay, suggests that, like a diner at a feast or a horse on a journey, a lover most enjoys a woman before he has attained her. Lorenzo enters, apologizing for his delay. Jessica shows up at the window, disguised in boy's clothes. Jessica asks who it is, and Lorenzo assures her it's him. Jessica tosses down a casket full of riches, remarking that she is ashamed but, being in love, cannot help herself. Lorenzo calls her down to come with him. While she's on her way, Lorenzo tells Graziano how much he loves Jessica, who's smart, beautiful, and honest. Jessica enters from the house, and they all prepare to go to the party in town. Antonio enters to tell them that the party is cancelled - the winds are good for sailing, and they can all leave for Belmont at once.

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