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Chapters 3 and 4

Chapter 3

Nighttime at sea, Jim supervises the bridge in peaceful contemplation of nature and his future glory. Half-awake, the captain enters and is greeted by complaints from the drunk and very argumentative second engineer. Their fight, one they seem to have been through many times over the years, is cut off abruptly by a shudder in the hull, which knocks the engineer to the floor, accompanied by a noise like "thunder infinitely remote." It ends quickly "as though the ship had steamed across a narrow belt of vibrating water and of humming air."

Chapter 4

A month later Jim is explaining the events of Chapter 3 through an inquiry at "the police court of an Eastern port" (different one -- Bombay): The bulkhead was damaged and the front part of the ship (the "forepeak") was filling up with water. The engineer panicked and ran off. The captain . . . .? Deeply frustrated by the line of questioning, Jim looks out across the courtroom stopping at the eyes of Marlow ("the white man," still unknown to Jim) who he recognizes from the local streets, and in whose eyes he feels an "intelligent volition" different from the rest of the fascinated onlookers.

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Chapters 3 and 4


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