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The Glass Menagerie was Williams' breakthrough play -- the one for which he became famous. And its opening night, at Chicago's Civic Theatre, was wracked with tension. The city was blanketed by ice, and there had been backstage arguments that affected the atmosphere onstage. Furthermore, Williams had premiered another play, Battle of the Angels, exactly four years earlier in Boston, and it had been a deeply discouraging experience. Since then, Williams had been practically penniless. He had finally accepted a job at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in Hollywood as a hired screenwriter. He worked on Menagerie in his free time while also turning out Hollywood scripts.

Just before Williams went to the West Coast in 1943, his sister Rose underwent a prefrontal lobotomy. Critics have suggested that The Glass Menagerie was Williams' effort to deal with his guilt over not having worked harder to oppose the operation.

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