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The story of Billy Budd underwent some radical changes in the course of composition. Billy Budd started out as a mutineer, but Melville changed him to an innocent. Captain Vere went from a minor to a major character, and Claggart wasn't even in the story at first. Melville changed the name of the ship from the Indomitable to the Bellipotent, which placed the emphasis more on war.

The British naval practice of impressment - unlawful seizure - of sailors to fill their warships continued well after the time frame of this story, the summer of 1797. As Melville explains in Billy Budd , conditions aboard the British warships were notoriously cruel and poor. As the British navy ran out of vessels they could plunder for sailors around British waters, they started to impress sailors from American ships. This was one of the reasons that the War of 1812 between America and Britain began.

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